I’ve got my mask, but where is my cape?

Within the first week of any class, we are asked to introduce ourselves and I will often receive a reply along the lines of, “Oh, you’re one of those – a Wonder Woman…how do you do it all?”

“Well, sometimes not very well.” I have replied.

I have been on an educational path for the past 8+ years. I have recently received a Child and Youth Care degree and am currently in an expedited Educational Degree program. I have been doing this while part-time/single parenting two children, one who started high school this year and one who will graduate this year; when I started my youngest was just starting kindergarten. I have also been working full-time throughout my educational journey.

I am not alone in this, meaning there are likely many other women who are taking the same journey, I am not special in this category. There might even be some who are doing all this AND make time for self-care – whatever that looks like for them. This is where we are different – I struggle with self-care, hence why this was, and continues to be, my educational inquiry project.

This blog post will have three sections:

EdTech Inquiry – This is where posts on an inquiry project outside of the free inquiry.

Free Inquiry – where I will post what I have learned so far about self-care regarding teacher living, ways I hope to incorporate self-care into my own life, and what those methods might be and if they are working or not.

Weekly Reflections – these posts will be based on what has been presented during the Technology and Innovation course within the Educational Professional Post-Degree Program.

Through this blog I hope I am able to reflect and begin some self-care practices to help me find balance with the family/school/work life I am currently living. It may be an interesting learning curve for me…